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Antares Remains A Classic and Traditional Saddle Maker

Equestrian Santa Purze Makes Barn Calls

Santa Purze takes pride in helping customers find the right saddle. Photo by M4E.

For Midwest Antares rep Santa Purze, saddles are a passion. She continues to be dedicated to the quality French saddle maker because of their timeless tradition and commitment to making a quality product. While other saddle makers flooding the market throw out gimmicks and trends to attract customer attention, Antares remains a truly custom handmade saddle for both the horse and the rider.
Purze, St. Louis, Missouri, is a lifelong equestrian with over 40 years of experience in the Chicago area. Both she and her daughter ride and have experienced the frustration of finding the proper saddle. Purze especially enjoys working with horses that have special saddle fitting needs and loves being able to help them find comfort with an appropriate saddle.

Purze displays Antares products at her booth during horse shows. Photo M4E

"Second to the purchase of the horse is the comfort and soundness of the horse’s back," said Purze. “A saddle rep who rides can understand the needs of the horse and rider from pure experience. Antares appreciates and sticks with true equestrian representatives."
Antares Sellier, is a French Saddlery with its workshop in Saintes, France. Fueled by a sense of compassion and genuine commitment to horse and rider; Antares seeks to supply products to the industry worthy of the horse. Antares' research lab created the first memory foam panels and is regularly innovating, both esthetically and technologically, to serve our sport.

Riders have a choice of multiple seat and flap choices as well as multiple tree width and padding options for the horse. Flap options range from forward to straight with several padding options and seat selections can be made from flat to medium to deep seats. The saddle maker also offers three grades of leather including grain, calfskin, and buffalo skin.  Antares remains the same quality saddle as it has been for years because it because it is traditional, timeless and it works.  

The new Precision Bridle by Antares. Photo M4E

Antares also offers a full line of tack including bridles and girths. Their new Precision Bridle is designed to relieve pressure on the horse’s poll and allows freedom of movement. Bridles also come with a variety of nosebands to fit your horse’s needs.
Antares has several trade in programs including the junior trade-in program, where riders buy the first saddle at full price and can trade-in the saddle to purchase a new saddle for $800 a year until the junior rider reaches 18 years of age.
There is a similar program available for adults. One may need to change saddles due to purchasing a new horse or a change in discipline from hunter to jumper, and for $1000 a year after the original purchase, riders can trade-in their saddle for a new one.
Professionals can also purchase different padding options and inserts for the multiple types of horses they may ride.
Driven by accomplishment and the search for excellence, Antares conducts research with world-recognized equine health professionals and partners with international riders in all equestrian disciplines.

Antares is exceptionally pleased to welcome Peter Wylde to our team of elite US professionals including Callan Solem, Lauren Hough, Rich Fellers Phillip Dutton and Richard Spooner.

Antares saddles range from $2,850-$3,500 for semi-custom and $4,600-$6,000 for a custom saddles.
Purze is happy to make barn calls for saddle fittings and is available at many of the Midwest area for shows. Stop in when you see the Antares booth to hear about Antares from Santa Purze.

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