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AliBoo Farm Dominates 6 Year Old Jumpers at Showplace Productions' Spring Spectacular

Taylor Flury and Carrasca Z. Photo Chicago Equestrian

Wayne, IL- June 23, 2016- Taylor Flury and Carrasca Z of AliBoo Farm won the $1,000 Young Jumper 6 Year Old Championship, presented by Horse Flight, on Thursday with a double clean round and a swift time of 34.041, the best out of 15 entries. She also had three other rides in the class, earning a third place finish on Cosmea Z with a time of 35.502 in the jump off.
This was Flury’s third win in the six year old championship class these past three weeks at Showplace Productions’ Spring Spectacular.
“I wanted to win all three weeks of the 6 year old jumpers and we did,” exclaimed Flury.
“I try to be patient, and I honestly just want to be double clean, but I want to teach them to be tidy, not necessarily fast, but tidy so they can learn that as they get older, it just comes second nature to them,” Flury said of her strategy going into the ring with her young and sometimes fresh, horses.
Riding 14 young horses a day can be a lot, but Flury takes it all in stride.
She mentioned, “It’s crazy. You have to have a lot of patience. I have three year olds that I just started last month, four year olds that just started showing, and five and six year olds that are here, so it’s a little crazy and you just have to go with the flow and take it as it comes. You can’t get too worked up or think about it too much. They [the horses] all have to have a schedule, but I also want them to have their play moments and have fun.”
Managing so many young horses can be overwhelming, but Flury has a great team in place to help her. “I have a really good barn manager and head groom, and my parents are a big help. My sister’s [Alison] horse was the one that was third today, but she’s at a wedding, so I said I would take her horse for her. It’s definitely a family operation,” said Flury.
Taylor Flury on her third place mount, Cosmea Z. Photo KReif/Chicago Equestrian.
AliBoo Farm specializes in breeding and developing young horses into talented young jumpers.
Flury explained her system saying, “We have the foals and they get handled every day, turned out, and worked with. We groom them, vacuum them and give them a body clip. They’re like mini show horses. Then at three [years old] I start working with them under saddle. In the spring, after the winter circuits, I’ll start to do ground work with them, start to lunge them a little bit, and then I get on them for the first time myself. With the three year olds it’s really just working on their ride-ability. I don’t want to break them or anything so they do cavaletti or pole exercises and trail rides, but I don’t jump them until they’re four. For my four year olds, I just started riding them in April this year, jumped them two weeks later, and brought them to their first show three weeks later. They’ll start to show a little bit every now and then and at five [years old] they go into the young jumpers.”
Flury added, “I love a good personality in my horses. Sometimes the most difficult ones are the best ones and I’ve learned over the years that you just have to be patient.”
Their patience paid off as Carrasca Z earned the 6 year old Championship week III with Catania Saflo Z taking the Reserve Championship. Week II, Catania Saflo Z was Champion and Vuvuzela Z was Champion week I.
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