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Auditors Set Record Attendance at George H. Morris Chicago Clinic

A record number of auditors filled the seats and listened intently to George Morris. Photo Chicago Equestrian.
Antioch, IL – November 29, 2016 – George H. Morris attracted standing room only crowds during the 31st annual Chicago clinic at Rush and Caroline Weeden’s Annali-Brookwood Farm in Antioch, Illinois. The three day clinic set a record attendance for the event organized by Diane Carney/Telluride, which included long lines at the book signing for Morris’ UNRELENTING. The clinic has been held on Thanksgiving weekend for over three decades, drawing top riders and captivating horse people of all levels and disciplines seeking education from the world-renowned expert.

George Morris demonstrates techniques as part of the clinic experience. Photo Chicago Equestrian.

As usual, Morris not only discussed proper flat work but also demonstrated it daily during each group. His emphasis to both auditors and riders was the importance of diagonal aids.  The concept followed through to the over fences exercises that required impulsion and connection with the horse. The connection, also referred to as the automatic release, was required as the riders jumped the triple bar set over the 10-foot water for example. Sunday’s track included progressive exercises to get to the challenging oxer, oxer, wall - triple combination.
“You must practice the things you don’t do well,” said Morris. “The purpose of the clinic is to put you just out of your comfort zone.”
Riders gave the clinic rave reviews and were grateful Morris has continued his clinic tour.

Hunter Holloway jumps the 10' water. Photo Chicago Equestrian

“They (Annali-Brookwood Farm and Carney) do such a great job with (the clinic),” said Hunter Holloway. “We always make time for education with George (Morris). Moving forward we’ll carry on with everything we worked on this weekend and the horses will be ready for their next class.”

Liz Atkins clears the triple combination at 1.55m. Photo Chicago Equestrian

“It’s amazing! George likes to push you outside your comfort zone and that’s definitely what this clinic did for me,” said Liz Atkins of Benchmark Stables in Hampshire, Illinois. “Now I can go home and use this weekend’s foundation to prepare for what comes next in our schedule. As long as they keep having the clinic I will keep coming!”
Auditors watched intently as Morris put the junior, amateur and professional riders through the exercises. Riders and auditors traveled from Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan and the surrounding Chicago area to work with and learn from the legendary Morris. His message never waivers or gives in to fads or politics and his classic training never goes out of style.

Clinic host Rush Weeden completes the triple bar exercise with Virginia Bartholomay's Casanova during the George Morris Chicago clinic. Photo Chicago Equestrian.

Morris, who also did the commentary for the Maclay Finals with Olympic rider Anne Kursinski, praised Carney for her understanding of correct riding and excellent course design for the 2016 ASPCA Maclay Medal Finals.
“I dare say this is the best finals course I’ve ever seen,” said Morris on the live commentary. “It was judged beautifully and impeccable, just perfect.”

Auditors waited patiently in line for a moment with Morris during the book signing. Photo Chicago Equestrian

A full house of spectators stayed for Morris’ book signing on Saturday night. His new book, UNRELENTING, sold out in just 10 minutes.  Young and old horse enthusiasts were eager to have their moment with Morris for autographs, selfies and group photos, making the wait in line for time with Morris priceless.
“This is a beautiful facility,” said Morris. “Rush, Carl, Diane and everyone who makes this clinic possible gets it. It’s a quality clinic.”

Caroline Weeden, George Morris and Diane Carney at the book signing. Photo Chicago Equestrian.

“This year was an exceptional group of horses and riders. The 1.10m group finished at 1.30m, the 1.30m group finished at 1.40m and the grand prix group finished at 1.55m through the triple combination.  It was great learning for all involved- riders, horses and auditors,” said Carney. “The Annali-Brookwood Farm facility and staff make coordinating the clinic at this level possible. I am grateful for the team and their effort.”

Morris continues his clinic schedule on the west coast and to Australia. The former United States Chef d’Equipe is the author of several other books including Hunter Seat Equitation, known as ‘the bible’ of the hunt seat discipline.  Morris travels the world sharing his knowledge and experience with riders and large crowds of auditors who continue to relish the opportunity to hear him teach.
For more information on future clinics contact Diane Carney at 847-922-6167 or
Annali-Brookwood Farm
Rush and Caroline Weeden
18752 Edwards Road
Antioch, IL 60002

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