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Best for Last as Tracy Fenney and MTM Timon Win $35,000 Prix de Lamplight at Equifest II


Wayne, IL – August 2, 2014 - A gorgeous Chicago summer day was just the icing on the cake at the $35,000 Prix de Lamplight during Equifest II at Lamplight Equestrian Center. VIP table holders enjoyed delicious food and beverages with an amazing view of the newly remodeled Grand Prix Ring. Other groups brought their own party and enjoyed the class with a challenging course designed by Mexico City’s Manuel Esparza.  The crowds even cheered on the leadliners as they wandered about the course of jumps bigger than their ponies.
The course flowed back and forth through the large ring with a vertical, oxer, vertical triple combination across the diagonal and several oxer to vertical lines. The jump coming down the most was the narrow white vertical out of a line at the far end of the ring and a few rails in the triple combination came down as well. Seven of the original fifteen starters made it to the jump-off round where speed was the deciding factor. Tracy Fenney and Laura Linback each qualified both of their mounts for the jump-off along with Liz Atkins and Niro 8, Jennifer Waxman and Shakira and Dorothy Douglas with S&L Elite.

Liz Atkins and Niro 8 galloped to the second place spot.

Returning first was Liz Atkins of Hampshire, IL and her Niro 8, who quickly set the pace for the rest of the field to catch with 36.956.
“He got stuck in the turn from the first jump to the second so I went to my whip and we ran to the in and out after that. When he was clean through there I decided to go for it,” said Atkins.  “I was fast but when you’re riding against Tracy (Fenney) and Laura (Linback) you have to go fast.  It’s a fast group here in Chicago, especially when Tracy shows up.”
Next to take a shot was Laura Linback of Mundelein, IL, and Whittaker MVNZ, who just missed catching Atkins by hundredths of a second with 36.972 and a clear round.

Laura Linback rode Whittaker MVNZ to the third place prize.

“I thought the course designer did a fantastic job,” said Linback. “The placement of the jumps made it challenging and it rode more like an indoor course rather than an outdoor course. It was artistic to look at; it was great for the spectators and great for the horses. It’s a pleasure to ride in that ring.”

Tracy Fenney and MTM Centano.

Then Tracy Fenney returned on MTM Centano and rode to a faster time than Atkins but had a rail, ending up with four faults and 36.083. That was just the first try for Fenney since she still had MTM Timon for another chance.
Waxman and Douglas both left the ring with slower times and some jumping faults.

Linback and Fenney had their second rides to go and Linback returned with a vengeance on HH Dauphin. Clocking in the fastest time of the night, 35.765, Linback gave it a great try galloping and bucking, but had a back rail for four faults.

Laura Linback and HH Dauphin clocked the fastest time of the night.

“I gave it a shot and went down trying!” said Linback, who was still sitting in second on Whittaker MVNZ for the moment.
As the saying goes, Fenney saved the best for last as she galloped the track in a blazing 36.466 on MTM Timon by shaving the turns and being cautious to the Lamplight vertical for a clean round with her second try.

Lamplight owner Nina Moore presents Fenney, Mike McCormick and MTM Timon with the top award in the $35,000 Prix de Lamplight at Equifest II.

“I didn’t really think I was fast enough,” said Fenney of Flower Mound, TX. “I didn’t really catch a good distance to jump #6 and he tried really hard which he gets lots of carrots for! After that he was good but I landed a little dead off the triple bar and did the eight instead of the seven. I just rode the horse and I really didn’t know how fast I was. When I finished and looked at the board I saw it said number 1 and I thought ‘super, I hope it’s right’!”
And right is was as Fenney took the blue with MTM Timon, Atkins and Niro 8 finished second and Linback was third on Whittaker and fourth on HH Dauphin.
Fenney and Mike McCormick came to Lamplight last month for the Showplace Spring Spectacular and made the trip back for Equifest for the Prix and Sunday’s Derby Day.
“We really like it here,” added Fenney. “It’s landscaped beautifully, the footing is great and the town is really nice.  It’s a new group of people which makes it fun too.”
Fenney will compete in the $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby tomorrow before heading to Europe for a few days and then to Trader’s Point.
Equifest II will finish the week with the International Hunter Derby and a $5,000 National Hunter Derby which will be live streaming on USEFnetwork beginning at 9:00am central time. The show will also award the leading Junior or Amateur Hunter Rider with a CWD saddle between the two derbies.
Lamplight Equestrian Center has been host to a number of prestigious horseshows including the American Eventing Championships, The Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships and the U.S. Para-Equestrian National Championships in addition to countless first-class Hunter shows, Jumper shows, Eventing competitions, Dressage shows and Sporthorse Inspections.

Numerous facility improvements including GGT Footing, make Lamplight Equestrian Center Chicago’s premier horse show facility.
For more information on Lamplight Equestrian Center, contact Anna Margalef at 630-546-5576 or or visit the website at For more results visit

Results $35,000 Prix de Lamplight
1 385 MTM TIMON TRACY FENNEY 0 0 76.190 0 36.466
2 247 NIRO 8 LIZ ATKINS 0 0 75.840 0 36.956
3 107 WHITTAKER MVNZ LAURA LINBACK 0 0 77.522 0 36.972
4 108 HH DAUPHIN LAURA LINBACK 0 0 76.253 4 35.765
5 387 MTM CENTANO TRACY FENNEY 0 0 79.025 4 36.083
6 286 SHAKIRA JENNIFER WAXMAN 0 0 75.128 4 38.530
7 384 S & L ELITE DOROTHY DOUGLAS 0 0 76.485 8 40.123
10 174 CENTURION B LISA GOLDMAN 8 0 70.776    

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