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George H Morris Clinic Proves Inspirational for All

George H. Morris at the Canterbury Farm Clinic

George H. Morris Clinic at Canterbury Farm Proves Inspirational For All

Hampshire, IL - November 29, 2011 - World-renowned trainer, rider and Chef d'Equipe of the United States Show Jumping Team, George H. Morris, conducted his annual clinic at Canterbury Farm over Thanksgiving weekend. Riders from across the nation gathered for the event to experience his expertise and invaluable knowledge first-hand. Chicago-based trainer Diane Carney of Telluride Farm, which is based out of Canterbury Farm, organized the entire event, and has for over twenty years.

A world-renowned horseman, Morris has played a crucial role, not only in the growth of countless prestigious horses and riders, but also in the development of the current equestrian sport. He has often been referred to as the "founding father" of hunt seat equitation. Second to none, his teachings, technique, and style ar

Photo Credit: George H. Morris got back to the basics of equitation and horsemanship while instructing students during the annual clinic held at Canterbury Farm.
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e admired around the world. His clinics are a rare and exceptional opportunity for riders of all levels and ages to learn from the finest, and according to Morris, the clinic held at Canterbury Farm achieved just that.


From the first time Carney attended a George H. Morris clinic she could not get enough. Back then, Carney was looking to have a riding lesson and learn from the best. The experience proved instrumental and became a professional game changer. "George's clinic allows students to receive inspiration, and challenges them to be curious about the sport of riding and horsemanship. These riders and auditors leave with the understanding that anything we know is not enough," Carney remarked.

Carney organizes the clinic in a very scrupulous manner, speaking to trainers and riders across the nation and discerning whether or not they have the same philosophy as Morris. The purpose behind the clinic is for riders to gain direct knowledge for success in the sport by going back to the fundamentals. "My philosophy is very old and very traditional and very classical and basic," Morris said. "Maybe in today's world that's a little not normal, but it was normal, and it still holds true with horsemanship and proper riding."


"Most of what we do is simple and basic," Carney elaborated. "It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or are riding in a Grand Prix; it all goes back to the basics. Without the foundation, the partnership between horse and rider does not work too well. George really teaches the students to ride their horse, terminology that can be misunderstood. So often these days, we see people riding, but they do not have the connection that truly makes them a rider."

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Photo Credit: Morris instructed three different sections during the clinic, teaching the importance of the fundamentals and the proper construction of fences. 
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Held November 25-27, 2011, the clinic consisted of 22 riders and an estimated 200 auditors. The students were separated into three different sections: 1.10 m, 1.25 m, and 1.40 m. When Carney first began riding with Morris, she rode in all three sections to be able to get the most out of the clinic. "I've been conducting this clinic there for years, she's run my clinic for years, and she's a real professional and is very organized," Morris explained. "Her stable, the rings, the fences and the quality of the riders are impeccable. This clinic is one of my highest level clinics, Diane has a lot of professional auditors and it is apparent that the people that rode there are very disciplined."


"George is the best of the best," Carney explained. "He cares so much about the current state of the industry, and he works to improve it anyway he can. George teaches us about the construction of the fences, horsemanship, and why different fences are important. He sets problems for horses and riders to solve. This builds confidence and keeps the sport advancing upward."





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Photo Credit: George H. Morris conducted a riding clinic at Canterbury Farm from November 25-27, 2011.
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