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Holloway's Equi Venture Farm Sale Horse Showcase Leads to New Business Relationships

Equi-Venture Farm hosted The Sale Horse Showcase at their private barn on the HITS Ocala showgrounds.
Ocala, FL - March 27, 2016 - The Sale Horse Showcase presented by Holloway’s Equi-Venture Farm and John Jamieson International Sale Horses was a big success. The event was held at the Holloway’s Equi-Venture Farm, barn 20, on the HITS showgrounds in Ocala, Florida, and allowed over 150 guests to view select horses for sale and tour Equi-Venture’s barn, which is one of the new HITS custom barns available for the circuit. The showcase included a BBQ and giveaways, thanks to generous sponsors, CWD, Der Dau, Equi-fit, LeFash, The Tack Shelter, Mona’s Embroidery & Engraving, FarmVet, LeFash Walsh Products and Blueberry Hill.
“The showcase was a great way to end the circuit,” said Equi-Venture’s Larry Ellerman. “It gave us a chance to meet some new people, show off some of the quality horses that are for sale right here in Ocala and do it all from our private barn at HITS."
“The showcase format worked well to increase conversation about various horses for sale. It was a unique idea and brought many people and trainers together in a fun and relaxed environment,” added John Jamieson. “Having one showcase under our belt, we can make a few changes for next year so it’s even bigger and better. I’m looking forward to being involved again and a special thank you goes out to the staff at Equi-venture Farm, Brenda Mueller and the Holloways for their hard work.”

The dinner set up before guests arrived. 

The Sale Horse Showcase was organized by Brenda Mueller of Marketing 4 Equestrians, formerly Chicago Equestrian, a full service equestrian marketing company. The showcase was one of the new creative marketing solutions offered by Mueller. The showcase was very popular and plans are being made to hold the event in other parts of the country.

Guests saw about 15 horses in the showcase ranging from hunters and equitation horses  to jumpers. 

“It’s a new marketing idea to help bring buyers and sellers together,” said event coordinator Mueller. “The event will happen in different locations throughout the show season. People welcomed the idea and as a result, new business relationships were formed which is always good for the industry. Guests commented on the organization of the event how horse friendly it was. It’s a fun way to shop for horses and leads to an entertaining and educational evening, with great horses, a nice dinner and drinks. Amazing raffle items from the sponsors added to the event. Thanks to the Holloway’s, it was an enjoyable way to spend the Saturday evening leading into the feature event of the weekend, the AIG $Million Grand Prix on Sunday. I look forward to organizing the next one.”
For more information on horses available for sale, visit or John Jamieson at
For more information on The Sale Horse Showcase, contact Brenda Mueller at Marketing 4 Equestrians, formerly Chicago Equestrian, at or 262-391-6630.
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