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Lisa Goldman Cashes in at Chicago with 1-2 Finish in $30,000 LUXMAX USA Grand Prix during Showplace Productions Fall Classic

 Lisa Goldman and Morocco finished first in the $30,000 LUXMAX USA Grand Prix at the Showplace Fall Classic.

Wayne, IL - September 13, 2014 - The cheers resounded through the LUXMAX USA Grand Prix Ring as Lisa Goldman tripped the timers to post the first double clear of the $30,000 LUXMAX USA Grand Prix with Morocco. Three trips later she duplicated her effort with Centurion B, riding the only two clear rounds of the six-horse jump off to take the coveted victory with a 1-2 finish.

"They were awesome," the speed master Goldman said of her two mounts Morocco and Centurion B. "I knew walking the course that it was going to ride big, technical and hard. It asked questions, and I knew that there wouldn't be too many to make it into the jump off."

Lisa Goldman and Morocco

Goldman posted a speedy first round with Morocco, soaring through the 13 efforts. In hindsight, she admitted she may have gone too fast in the first round, but Morocco needed speed to give him the scope to clear the course. Going into the jump off as the second to take on the track, Goldman knew she would have to put on the pressure, especially in Chicago where "fast jump off" is an understatement.

"I knew that there were enough to go after me that were fast, that I needed to lay it down," she stated. "I knew that I needed to ride hard at the beginning to take my time through the tight in-and-out, and did the inside turn to the Horse Flight oxer and then stayed out for the C&E Horse Transportation oxer. Morocco was unbelievable."


Charlie Jayne posted a time of 43.669 seconds as the first to test Hector Loyola's shortened track. His time was fast, but not without fault. Goldman's time with Morocco shattered Jayne and Playboy's pace, with the Morocco breaking the beam in 39.448 seconds. Jayne would earn the eventual sixth place, with Liz Atkins and Niro 8 finishing in fifth with four faults in 42.378 seconds. Centurion B put the pressure on with the second clean round of the jump off, falling into the second place position. 

Lisa Goldman and Centurion B

It came down to the 15-year-old Giavanna Rinaldi riding GPS Brilliant Disguise and Laura Linback aboard HH Dauphin. Each of them raced for the top finish, but taking a shot proved too risky today. Rinaldi dropped the rail at the C&E oxer, while Linback had a heartbreaking fault across the final fence. Both aboard greys, it seemed almost serendipitous that they would tie for third place with the same time of 42.812 seconds.


"It was a very long jump off, and I thought there were some tests out there," Linback said. "I shouldn't have taken a shot, I wasn't going to beat Lisa's time with Morocco, I should have just poached for second, but that is the sport."

Rinaldi remarked, "It is quite hard to tie, especially in a big class like that. I have no idea how that happens. The course went well. The inside turn was little risky, but it was a good course."

The sponsor of the grand prix, LUXMAX USA, is a manufacturer of LED video displays for broadcast, architecture and events. The innovative company produces the background screen displays for major events, blockbuster television programs and for major concert groups such as Maroon 5, Keith Urban, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and Beyonce's Superbowl half time show. Vice President of LUXMAX USA Robert Scarnechia was onsite with his family to present the awards to the top finishers in the grand prix.

"I really stand behind what Pat Boyle and Showplace Productions has accomplished, and what he is doing," Scarnechia described. "I like supporting his local shows in Illinois. Sponsoring the grand prix was an easy choice for us. We are excited to be able to offer the $30,000 Grand Prix."

Scarnechia is a "show dad" while at the Lamplight Equestrian Center, going between the equitation, pony and jumper rings for his two daughters. "I think that the sport is so much more exciting when the participants are excited about the venue, the money and the connections we make. There is very good camaraderie here, and it makes the show even more special."

Caelinn Leahy dominated the morning jumper divisions during the Showplace Productions Fall Classic. She not only rode Kaner 88 to the top slot in the $5,000 NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic, but Leahy also rode to a 1-2 finish in the $5,000 Marshall & Sterling Child/Adult Jumper Championship, sponsored by Old Barrington Farm.


Caelinn Leahy and Esquilino Bay

Leahy's mother was supposed to ride Esquilino Bay and Sonas Douglas, but an inconvenient cold would put a damper on the show day for her. That was when trainer Steve Schaefer told Leahy, "Let's have some fun and do the Children's/Adult Jumper Championship."

The 12-year-old (show age 11) never imagined that she would ride both of the horses to the first and second place finish.

"It was actually the first time I have shown either one of them," Leahy said. "Esquilino Bay is fairly new, and I have never done a course on him. Both horses have a really big stride, and they were just great. We were able to leave out and shave seconds with the inside track and their speed."


Old Barrington Farm's owner and operator Joyce McArdle said, "Old Barrington Farm wants to really support our local shows, and we really think that Lamplight is a wonderful venue. We want to make sure that there are enough people in the audience, and support the path of the great riders in the Midwest."

Leahy went on to finish her day with the victory in the $5,000 NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic. She rode Kaner 88 through the timers in a remarkable 34.770 seconds, a time that proved untouchable. Stephanie Novas and Amyra R captured the second place finish in 37.789 seconds, while Giavanna Rinaldi and Collette finished third.

Caelinn Leahy and Kaner 88

Leahy said of Kaner 88, "He is a super horse. He is just so cool. He has been great. He can leave from 30 feet away, and although our first round was a little rough, our second round was slick and fast. He just landed and turned-he was waiting for me to get on board with him, and not the other way around."

It was Carson Tazzioli and Bon Voyage who rode to the blue ribbon during the $1,000 Puddle Jumper Classic. In second place was Kathleen Bruce and Boundless, while McKenna Nagy and Viva Las Vegas took home the third place ribbon.


Carson Tazzioli and Bon Voyage

Showplace Productions Fall Classic Championship will conclude tomorrow with the Illinois Hunter Jumper Association (IHJA) Medal Finals, commencing at 7:30 a.m. Live Streaming is available for Sunday's Finals, and all classes from the weekend are available on demand at Mobile users can click here to connect to the Showplace Productions Fall Classic Live Stream.


$30,000 Luxmax USA Grand Prix Presented by Luxmax USA
result    entry    horse / owner    rider 
1    918    MOROCCO   Lisa Goldman    Lisa Goldman
2    919    CENTURION B   Mary Goldman    Lisa Goldman
3    636    HH Dauphin   Woodrun    Laura Linback
3    684    G.P.S. Brilliant Disguise   Giavanna Rinaldi    Giavanna Rinaldi
5    702    Niro 8   Benchmark Stables, LLC    Liz Atkins
6    1083    Playboy   CHARLIE JAYNE    CHARLIE JAYNE
7    864    Gomez Van De Withoeve    Katherine Dewar    Roderick Kyle DEWAR
8    637    Whittaker MVNZ   Woodrun    Laura Linback

$1,000 Puddle Jumper Classic
result    entry    horse / owner    rider 
1    1076    Bon Voyage   Robin Newquist    Carson Tazzioli
3    718    Viva Las Vegas    Emily Elek-Burtard    McKenna Nagy
4    100    Resolute    Emily Schneider    Olivia Stoeckel
5    601    Thibodeau   Ryan Sassmannshausen    Christopher Ferralez
6    1058    Broadway Blues   Jessica Kantor    Lanie Bricker

$5,000 M&S Childrens/Adult Jumper Championships Presented by Old Barrington Farm
result    entry    horse / owner    rider 
1    1071    Esquilino Bay   Pony Lane Farm    Heidi Schaefer
2    1070    Sonas Douglas   Heidi Schaefer    Heidi Schaefer
3    885    Carlos Santana   Ellery Taylor    Ellery Taylor
4    1155    Limelight   Brampton Woods Farm    Annabella Sanchez
5    1157    Atomic Betty   Vincent Rossi      Missy Rossi
6    1010    Avanz R   Kathleen Caya    Molly Struve    

$5,000 Low Jr/AO NAL Jumper Classic
result    entry    horse / owner    rider
1    1088    Kaner 88   Steve Schaefer    Caelinn Leahy
2    1018    Amyra R   Stephanie Novas    Stephanie Novas
3    675    Collette   Spencer Ranch    Giavanna Rinaldi
4    891    Gastone      Meg Gehron    Meg Gehron
5    923    Memphis Belle       Louisa Brackett    Louisa Brackett
6    1015    In Your Dreams    Nicole Loochtan    Nicole Loochtan