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Riders Selected by George H Morris for Gladstone Program Training Session at Annali-Brookwood Farm

Sponsors Continue to Support Education

Antioch, IL – May 1, 2014 - The USET Foundation has released the names of the riders chosen for the George H Morris Gladstone Program Training Session at Annali-Brookwood Farm in Antioch, IL June 23-28, 2014.
The Gladstone Program is an intensive week of training and education for exceptionally dedicated and talented show jumping riders who are serious about their interest and desire to pursue a path that will prepare them to be a "team" rider and represent the United States in international competition. Riders 18+ years of age, who are currently competing successfully at 1.45 meter or above submitted applications for the event, and were personally selected by Morris.
The participants for the week at Annali-Brookwood Farm will be:
Adrienne Dixon                    Hillsborough, CA
Stephen Foran                     Lake Forest, IL
Courtney Frederick              Longmont, CO
Lisa Goldman                      Hawthorn Woods, IL
Hunter Holloway                  Topeka, KS
Caitlin Hope                         Barrington Hills, IL
Lindsey Lamb                      Tulsa, OK
Caroline McLeese               Omaha, NE
Ashley Stannard                  Tucson, AZ
KC Van Aarem                     Ocala, FL
Katie Leverick                       Hawthorn Woods, IL
The Gladstone Program training session held at Rush and Caroline Weeden's Annali-Brookwood Farm, will incorporate natural obstacles on a large grand prix field. Anne Kursinski will ride one of the training session horses for a flatwork demonstration and Dr. Marvin Beeman DVM from Littleton Equine Medical Center in Colorado will be the presenting veterinarian. 
Sponsors of the clinic can purchase a package of 18 auditing passes which can be distributed to customers, clients, barns, vendors or organizations such as the pony club, 4H, riding schools or IEA and intercollegiate teams. Sponsorship provides the opportunity for auditors to attend that might not otherwise have the chance.
Sponsors Caroline and Rush Weeden are clearly on board with the benefit of education, donating their beautiful Annali-Brookwood Farm facility for the training session. Their farm is also the home of the Chicago Hunter Derby, which will be held in September.

Rush and Caroline Weeden.

“I think education plays a huge part in the future success of our sport and there is no one I can think of that delivers a better education than George Morris,” commented Caroline Weeden. “It’s a great opportunity to showcase what the Midwest equestrian community has to offer.”
The Weedens will be donating their audit passes to the USHJA Foundation.

Patrick Boyle and daughter Caitlin.

Showplace Productions’ President Patrick Boyle is also a sponsor of the Gladstone Program.
“I support George Morris because he sets a standard for us all to raise our sights,” said Boyle.  “This event is a more advanced opportunity than the annual three day November clinic with this week long training session. Supporting education builds our sport, doing it with the team of George, Diane and Brookwood is just a special opportunity.  These types of events don't just happen and all of us supporting them helps keep these high level events happening in the Midwest.”
Boyle continued, “Grand Prix rider Candice King will be teaching at the June Spring Spectacular shows for the same reason as the George Morris training session: to keep basics and learning out in front and find riders and sponsors to aim for the international rings.”
Showplace and Boyle will be giving their audit passes to up and coming riders such as the equitation and junior jumper riders.
“Once you see the trainings session and the caliber of the riders in the two groups, any rider with a dream will get inspired….and that’s cool!” finished Boyle.
Auditors are welcome to observe the morning sessions with Morris each day.
Sponsors interested in supporting the GHM Gladstone Program/Annali-Brookwood Farm training session can contact Diane Carney 847-922-6167 for more information.
Annali-Brookwood Farm is located at 18752 Edwards Road, Antioch, IL, 60002.