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Riders and Auditors Learn Horsemanship at the 2013 Chicago George H Morris Clinic

Hampshire, IL. – December 1, 2013 -The final day of the 2013 Chicago George Morris Clinic brought more auditors and more education. Morris’ three-day clinic has been an annual opportunity thanks to organizer, Diane Carney. Backed by sponsors who also support education, the clinic continues to be one of the best clinics in the Midwest.

George Morris demonstrates suppleness on Caiitie Hope's grand prix mount Total Touch.

Morris himself is dedicated to educating riders to help create future U.S. teams. Morris is scheduled on a clinic tour to educate riders on the basic principles that allow riders to ride and compete at all levels but especially the Grand Prix level. His philosophy has been emphasized in his book, Hunter Seat Equitation and his lengthy list of accomplishments is proof of its success.
Morris set another challenging course for riders to practice riding with impulsion, the desire for the horse to go forward, and spent time on the flat working on suppleness and the concept of leg to hand. His precise set of exercises both on the flat and over fences, teaches skills to both the horses and the riders to allow them to improve.
Rider Lindsey Lamb of Oklahoma stated, “This clinic picks up where others leave off.  Day one at this clinic is day three at other clinics.  The level of horsemanship is evident in all the groups.”
Lamb was lucky to be sponsored by Queenie Productions and John McQueen for the clinic.
Chicago area professional grand prix rider, Lisa Goldman attends the clinics to learn more and perfect her skills. She is an avid follower of Morris’ teachings. Goldman also rode in the George Morris Natural Obstacle Clinic this past September that Carney also organized.
“Why wouldn’t you participate?” exclaimed Goldman. “It’s hard to pass up opportunity like this to ride with an instructor like George. The experience is so valuable.”
Caitie Hope, an amateur rider from Barrington, IL, has also participated in the Chicago George Morris Clinic since she was a junior rider. Hope competes in the Amateur Owner Jumpers and the grand prix’s, juggling college with riding. Total Touch and Vision EH (Victoria) are Hope’s two mounts. Victoria is a new ride for Hope and is a young horse still finding her way in the jumper ring.

Caitie Hope and Total Touch set the example.

“I think the clinic is great,” said Hope. “I was glad to be able to ride both of my horses in sections of the clinic because it was a great way to get to know my younger horse better and work on the basics. I always like riding Total in the grand prix section of the clinic to see how we as a team improve from year to year. The clinic is always a highlight in my year.”

The grand prix group: Emma Sargent, Caitie Hope, George Morris, Lisa Goldman and Stephen Foran.

Auditors are also amazed but what they learn from watching the riders improve and from watching Morris himself ride and demonstrate the skills. Morris was at one time involved in theatre and acting, and can still keep the auditors at the edge of their seats. As the Chinese wall from the Hong Kong Olympics grew to 1.65m, you could hear the crowd participate in the excitement as well.

Emma Sargent tackles the Chinese wall at 1.65m.

Stephen Foran takes his turn at the Hong Kong wall.

Caitie Hope and Total. Photo courtesy Diane Carney.

Lisa Goldman. Photo courtesy Diane Carney.

Carney expresses her gratitude to the sponsors for their support. Auditors and riders spend the day and are treated to breakfast and lunch and special giveaways thanks to the sponsors. Carney and Morris plan to hold more opportunities in 2014.

Brookwood Farm sponsors Carl and Rush Weeden audit with Diane Carney.

For more information on other George Morris Clinics and the schedule, please visit To find out more about other clinic opportunities in the Chicago area, contact Diane Carney at

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