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Sponsors of George H. Morris Chicago Clinic Support Education and Horsemanship

 November 24-26, 2017

George H. Morris heads to Rush Weeden's Brookwood Farm in Antioch, Illinois, November 24-26, 2017. Photo Chicago Equestrian.

Antioch, IL – November 22, 2017 – High end equestrian events such as the George H. Morris Chicago Clinic, coordinated by Diane Carney/Telluride and hosted by Rush Weeden at his Brookwood Farm in Antioch, Illinois, are able to be held annually thanks to sponsors that step up to support the clinic. More importantly, they become sponsors because they believe in the quality of the event, the education and the horsemanship that comes out of the clinic.
“Sponsors that back the George Morris Clinic certainly are smart to support a horseman with a resume like George,” commented Carney. “We are grateful for their financial assistance and find they are interested in the horsemanship and education, which is why they support the clinic – not just as a another opportunity to market a product. It also elevates their status to be associated with a quality event.”
While clinics can be costly to hold, sponsors can help to defray the costs while marketing their product or services to those interested in the event as well as supporting the integrity of the sport. Not only those who actually ride or audit, but to all who read about the event via press releases or advertisements put out before, during and after the clinic.
Devoucoux and T.J. Campbell, General Manager, is sponsoring the book signing on Saturday the 25th at 5:30 pm. In addition, he is making sure the hard working grooms get dinner each night.
“I like to sponsor the George Morris clinic because I believe George Morris is the best,” stated Campbell. “The knowledge and training he can off to the riders is the most valuable information you will ever get. George is the foundation of this sport and we would not miss any chance to be involved with him or his events and support the opportunity for education.”
Trainer Liz Atkins of Benchmark Stables in Hampshire, IL, and Lorrie Canady of Galway Farm in Long Grove, also support education and the clinic. They chipped in to sponsor because they know the costs and benefits first hand, holding educational events at their farms. Atkins is holding the Benchmark Stables International Sale Horse Showcase and Jumper Derby in May, while Canady has the Galway Classic for the third year in early September.
“Getting top clinicians is expensive,” said Canady. “It costs money to make a quality event so having sponsors that support the industry is imperative. Sponsoring George Morris is easy, we look forward to seeing him every year.”
“I’ve participated in the Chicago Clinic and was selected for the Gladstone Chicago Program with George and its an amazing opportunity to up your game,” said Atkins, who also rides in the clinic. “We make time for education and I like to do my part in supporting the sport by having our Jumper Derby, clinic and showcase. There’s no better horseman to support than George, not to mention the quality events Rush and Diane organize. I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate and sponsor and hope people will feel the same when it comes to other educational opportunities in the area.”
Taylor Harris Insurance (THIS) agent Peggy McEnroe tries to sponsor local education and horsemanship events whenever she can.
“Quality events just strengthen the horsemanship in our area,” added McEnroe. “I love to be a part of these great events.”
Sponsors also appreciate the quality of riders and spectators that are attracted to an event like the George Morris Chicago Clinic. Dooley Farms has a high-end property to market to equestrians who appreciate quality and Finish Line products supports quality care of the equine.
Aprile Transport, USHJA Zone 5Marbrit Meadows/Molly Alvarez, Millcreek/Serah Vogus and Marketing4Equestrians, are valuable sponsors supporting great horsemanship both financially and also by lending a hand when needed.
“Thank you to everyone who supports the clinic,” said Rush Weeden. “It takes a village to run the clinic and I’m grateful for the support.”
Clinic Details
  • The George H. Morris Chicago Clinic is November 24-26, 2017.
  • Auditors are welcome; the cost is $100 per person per day- includes lunch.
  • A book signing will be held Saturday the 25th at 5:30pm, sponsored by Devoucoux.
  • Groups begin daily at 9:00am for 1.10m, 11:00am for 1.20m and 2:30pm for the 1.30m.
Brookwood Farm: 18752 W. Edwards Rd, Antioch, IL 60002
(Note: Due to construction, Edwards Rd is closed at Hwy 45 – you must access it from the east via Hunt Club Road.) Rush Weeden
For more information contact Diane Carney 847-922-6167 or