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USHJA Announces USEF Presidential Modifications Affecting 2016 Hunter Jumper Competitions

Presidential Modifications enact immediately rules that will become permanent later this year

Lexington, KY----January 26, 2016----The United States Hunter Jumper Association announced that United States Equestrian Federation President Chyrstine Tauber approved four Presidential Modifications requested by the USHJA to make effective immediately Hunter/Jumper rules that will go into effect permanently later this year.
The Presidential Modifications include:
  • Presidential Modification to GR1131.13This Presidential Modification allows for competition management to divide the Age Group Equitation sections at their discretion, while points will still count towards the correct age group as defined in GR1131.12a. Note: This continues a Presidential Modification from 2015.
  • Presidential Modification to HU109.10This Presidential Modification allows exhibitors in "A" rated Junior Hunter sections to compete up to two (2) large and two (2) small horses when the sections are divided by age of rider. Note: This continues the current practice.
  • Presidential Modification to HU158.1b: This Presidential Modification will modify the required amount of prize money paid in the rated Hunter sections of National competitions restricted to Juniors and/or Amateurs from $5,000 to $3,000.
The USEF Board of Directors approved rule changes in January that will make these Presidential Modifications permanent later this year. For a complete listing of 2016 Presidential Modifications, click here. For a complete listing of rule changes approved by USEF on January 16, 2016, click here. For more information about Hunter/Jumper rules, visit