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Zone 6 Championship Results

 After completing our final week of the Two Rivers Summer Festival, we are tired and happy to call the last three weeks a huge success. During week two, we had the most stalls and horses to date; we are very excited about the progress we have made. The ability to host the Zone 6 Championships for the third year in a row has been a spectacular opportunity and we would like to congratulate and recognize our participants: 

 Zone 6 Performance Hunter 

Champion: Weston and Emma Gage 

Reserve Champions: Dark Chocolate and Dr. Sharon Golden tied with Killernan Romeo and Marissa Creviston 


Zone 6 Green Hunter 

Champion: Roscoe Z and Eleanor Egan-Hennen 


Zone 6 Low Pre-Green 

Champion: Sweet Dreams and Nick Novak 


Zone 6 High Pre-Green  

Champion: Cyril and Cynthia Bulwicz 

Reserve Champion: Horton Who and Kyle Muckler 


Zone 6 AO Hunter at 3' 6''

Champion: Ausone and Kelsey Donahoe 


Zone 6 Child Adult Hunter 

Champion: Copper Canyon and Paige Junker 

Reserve Champion: Ontario and Katherine Kemp 


Zone 6 Large Junior Hunter 

Champion: Killernan Romeo and Marissa Creviston 

Reserve Champion: Pistachio and Caroline Thorndyke 


Zone 6 Adult Hunter

Champion: Braeburn and Lesley Smith 

Reserve Champion: Dark Chocolate and Dr. Sharon Golden 


Zone 6 12-14 Equitation 

Champion: Cathildo's Boy and Mikayla Schmidt and A Black Tie Affair and Molly Laughlin 

Reserve Champion: Copper Canyon and Paige Junker 


Zone 6 15-17 Equitation

Champion: Weston and Emma Gage 

Reserve Champion: Quantico and Marissa Damone 


Zone 6 Adult Equitation 

Champion: Phantom and Libby Collins 

Reserve Champion: Dark Chocolate and Dr. Sharon Golden 


Zone 6 Low Child Jumper 

Champion: Firefly and Nicole Bangasser 

Reserve Champion: Maggie Mae and Johanna Balas 


Zone 6 Medium Child Jumper 

Champion: Victurus Te Salutat and Patrick Gage 

Reserve Champion: Kid Rock and Quinn Leslie 


Zone 6 Medium Adult Jumper

Champion: Classicalana and Emily Halder 

Reserve Champion: Inside Information and Gretchen Syburg 

Cynthia Bulwitz's Cyril wins both National Derbies with Kim Barone!
Derby winner Cyril with owner Cynthia Bulwicz and rider, Kim Barone

Kim Barone and Cyril continued with their blue ribbon streak in the $5,000 USHJA Hunter Derby on Friday night! Together, Kim and Dark Chocolate placed 2nd for the second week in a row! Kim attributes her consistency to the full training program that customers like Cynthia Bulwicz, Cyril's owner, and Jenna Golden, Dark Chocolate's owner, allow their horses to be enrolled in. That way Kim understands the horse better and the trainer and the owner can better gauge their expectations. These efforts are compounded by Kim's love for derbies. Kim finds handy rounds exciting and challenging because not only will you have to go around a more intricate and tough course, but you must do it beautifully. There's also a certain camaraderie among all the trainers that's refreshing - everyone knows each other and wants the others to do well, too! Congratulations, Kim, on such a successful final week! 


Heineking Wins $30,000 Purina Mills Galloping Grand Prix
Moving over to the Graham Grand Prix Ring, we had 17 entries competing in the $30,000 ARL Grand Prix on Saturday. A tricky first round designed by Gerry Briggs narrowed the jump off down to 4 trips and 3 competitors: NKH Selena and Christian Heineking, Bon Giorno and Bryn Sadler, Rival and Kim Barone, and NKH Barbosa with Christian Heineking in the irons once again. Christian was able to set the pace with his first trip on NKH Selena that no one could top! Christian entered the prix with three horses and ended up placing first with NKH Selena, fourth with NKH Barbosa, and fifth with River of Dreams. What a way to commemorate his first time to the Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center!  After finishing his schooling in Germany at the German Riding Academy, he immigrated to the United States in 2008. Since then he has successfully competed across the country in grand prix events, founded Heineking Show Stables in Hudson Oaks, Texas, and most recently was married to Erin Davis-Heineking, the head trainer and professional at October Hill Farms! Congratulations, Christian, and we hope to see you back in the Midwest very soon! 
A big THANK YOU to our Grand Prix Sponsors, Purina Mills!
Purina Mills representatives present Heineking with Grand Prix blue
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